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Easing the Administrative Burden

Administrative Ease for Independent Physicians

More Time with Patients

We believe engaged and attentive primary care physicians are the heart of exceptional patient care and the key to reversing the troubling trends that plague the health care industry. Roots Health is a primary care management company, providing expert administrative services to Family Medicine, Pediatrics, OB/GYN, Dental and other primary care phisicians with the mission of empowering client clinics to improve patients’ lives. Administrative tasks, like electronic documentation and billing, cut into the time physicians could be spending on direct patient care. Roots Health has extensive experience building seamless and efficient working environments for our physicians and their supporting staffs, so our doctors can maximize their time with patients.


Administrative Excellence leading to High-Quality Care

Our strategic processes reduce costs, improve the quality of patients’ experience and care and manage risk.

Roots Health is a patient-centered work environment that puts the patient's need at the forefront. Our integrated primary care model supports the primary care needs of our community and allows our physicians and medical staff to be attentive, take the time to listen, and empathize with our patients. At Roots Health, our aim is to make a difference in the community by showing passion about our work and improving the doctor-patient relationship with quality care. We invite you to join our team if you share our mission to build a better community for better health outcomes.

Part of Roots Health’s commitment to its practitioners and staff members is its tradition of transparency and engagement. We work collaboratively to support and enhance the doctor-patient relationship by continuously monitoring and identifying opportunities for improvement. Roots Health is able to identify the key drivers that impact the performance and progress of our partners’ practices. Our strategic processes reduce costs, improve the quality of patients’ experience and care and manage risk.

Our Primary Care Practices
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