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Enhancing the doctor-patient relationship

Providing pathways to financial independence through generous compensation and transitions plans for retirement

We help Independent Physicians regain their independence medically and financially.

Roots Health invests in primary care practices that are operating at or near profitability with an existing patient population. Acquisitions and investments are a major component of our business strategy and we go to great lengths to ensure that the individuals and clinics that we choose as partners are not only a fit for Roots Health but also a fit for our patients. We look to capitalize on geographical relationships that provide services, such as:

  • Family Practice
  • Pediatric Care
  • OB/GYN
  • Dental Care
  • Primary Care

Part of Roots Health’s commitment to its practitioners and staff members is its tradition of transparency and engagement. All Roots Health employees, from the front line to the executive level, remain actively engaged in quality improvements. We work collaboratively to support and enhance the doctor-patient relationship by continuously monitoring and identifying opportunities for improvement. In order for our patients to receive high-quality care, there must first be high-quality processes in place. These processes enable our physicians and supporting staff members to focus on the patient and their care. Roots Health is able to identify the key drivers that impact the performance and progress of our partners’ practices. Our strategic processes reduce costs, improve the quality of patients’ experience and care and manage risk.

Patient Education Leads to Healthier Life

Patient satisfaction is of upmost importance. Our goal is to alleviate physicians’ stress of the business side of healthcare, so that they are motivated to give their patients high-quality care.

Founded by The Syal Family, Roots Health was formed with the vision of fundamentally changing how primary care is delivered to the communities we serve. Our exceptional patient care is a direct reflection of our founders’ experiences in the health care system and their belief that reducing costs and increasing access to health care will directly benefit patients. In addition, A strong emphasis on childhood development and the education of both parents and children gives our patients the knowledge they need to make positive, healthy choices.

Dr. Syal has extensive medical experience and enjoys dedicating time to teaching children who show an interest in health and science. As the Roots Health network continues to grow, it is Dr. Syal’s passion to continue working with families in order to continue our mission of health education.

Patient-Value Model

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Knowing patients are the primary focus, we empower our medical providers and medical staff
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Our Primary Care Practices
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